A daily performance project by Nadia Vadori-Gauthier


Secret Joy

A documentary movie by Jérôme Cassou on One Minute of Dance a Day

Theater release in France: Septembre 11th, 2019

France: 70 minutes – 2019
Direction: Jérôme Cassou
Production: Le Prix de l’essence / Jeanne Alechinsky
With the support of Ministère de la Culture / Direction générale de la création artistique et du Paris Réseau Danse
Diffusion: JHR Films
Preview: Théâtre National de Chaillot, Paris – February 6th, 2019
FIFA Montréal 2019 – festival International du Film sur l’art.


In 2015, stunned by the Charlie Hebdo shooting, choreographer Nadia Vadori-Gauthier decided to dance for one minute every day, to film herself, and to share her videos on social networks.

Her dances crest the wave of major news events (attacks, strikes, demonstrations, elections …) or the micro-events of our daily lives. So, for nearly 4 years, the project Une minute de danse par jour has been a gesture of poetic resistance, constantly distilling an infinitesimal gentleness into the harshness of the world, in the most varied of contexts, regardless of circumstance.

In this documentary, envisaged as a choreographic, immersive road movie, director Jérôme Cassou follows the choreographer day by day. He films her with a handheld camera, sometimes gathering comments or confidences. The images are captured in the moment, as close as possible to reality. They accompany dances in the heart of the city and current events, entering into various rhythms of life, in the hurrying crowd, in a deserted street, a train station or a garden … The shots are composed in harmony with the artist’s voiceover as she bears witness to her practice. The dance happens in various places in Paris and its environs, creating a “body language” through which faces and gazes meet, atmospheres change. The images of the dances are intercut with commentary from the choreographer, artists, and dance professionals, evoking the poetic, ethical, philosophical, and anthropological dimensions of Une minute de danse par jour.

The film shows an invisible aspect of the process at work. It weaves connections, through images, between the necessity of the artist, the realization of the work, and the collective concerns addressed by this committed artist, in the heart of reality.

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