A daily performance project by Nadia Vadori-Gauthier


Nadia Vadori-Gauthier

Choreographer Doctor in aesthetics, arts sciences and technologies
Certified Body-Mind Centering® teacher
Artist associated with the 1573 Scènes du monde laboratory, University of Paris 8
Founder of the Corps seismograph® choreographic method
Professor at the conservatories of the city of Paris

Nadia Vadori-Gauthier is a dancer and choreographer (Le Prix de l’essence choreographic company. Initially trained in classical dance, then in the arts of the image, she activates, through dance, links to our time, to people, to environments and the Earth.

Doctor of art, her research-creation proposals question the boundaries between art and life, the visible and the invisible, the moving and the form, in order to produce an art which allows us to weave new collective arrangements interconnecting human and non-human. After his first Co. The Red Shoes, within which she created “Motion & Motion” (SCAD New Choreographic Talent Prize 2003), “The Skeleton Woman”, “Nocturne” and “Evening Flowers”, she created the choreographic company Le Prix de l’essence in 2010.

She develops transdisciplinary alternatives to representation and dominant modes of visibility/corporeality, considering images and forms as vectors of connection to living things. His work invests an ethical perspective that places relationship and resonance at the source of processes. Author of eight pieces, she composes with sensation, emotion, imagination, and the unconscious, as well as with a vibrational-energetic dimension which induces resonant relationships with others and environments.

Over time, she created a dance technique: Corps seismograph®, which interconnects dimensions of interiority and exteriority, sensation, the unconscious, memory and imagination in relation to environments. She developed cards for Danser: Réel Machine, dedicated to dancers from the Corps seismograph® professional training, the first edition of which took place in 2022-2023 at Micadanses with 31 participants.

Artist associated with the laboratory “Scènes du monde” at the University of Paris-8, she develops proposals linked to museum works and trees, and participates in publications in research journals and collective works.

Since 2015, she has led a daily choreographic act of poetic resistance: One minute of dance per day, which composes a long-term work, weaving together elements of personal and collective elements, everyday life and events of the news.

In 2017, artist in residence within Paris Réseau Danse, she organized a festival of Micro-performances for the Faits d’Hiver festival. In 2018, a series of 3 live performances with musicians for the Jet Lag festival, and a solo ” A thousand and one days.” She directs the publication of the collective work Danser Résister (Éditions Textuel). A documentary was made on One Minute of Dance a Day: A Secret Joy by Jérôme Cassou (released in theaters in September 2019). 

During the confinements, Nadia opens her choreographic protocol by launching a public call for minutes of dance, which constitute a historical archive of 5000 videos from this period, seen through the dances of people in houses, gardens, private apartments During the second confinement , she dances in places of art and culture closed to the public to defend their essential character.

Today, she devotes herself to the creation and transmission: “We will need a lot of love” dance piece at the museum, and to the creation of a dance diary, inviting choreographers to take over from the minute of dancing between April 2023, date of dance 3000, and January 2025 at the end of 10 years of daily dancing. In parallel with her creative activities, she gives workshops and dance training courses.

  • Doctor in “Aesthetics, sciences and technology of the arts”, Paris 8. Specialties: visual arts and performing arts.
  • Teacher and B.M.C® practitioner certified by the School for Body-Mind Centering®.
  • Vinyasa yoga teacher, approved by the French federation and Yoga alliance U.S., Studio G. Arnaud.
  • B.F.A fine Arts, Major inter-related Arts. Concordia University, Mtl, Canada B.T.S Visual Expression.
  • Estienne Higher School, Paris. Diploma from École Supérieure Estienne, specialty: arts and crafts, Paris.
  • New talent choreography prize, S.A.C.D

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