A daily performance project by Nadia Vadori-Gauthier

Dance 2923 - 14 January 2023

4:22 p.m., Forest of La Roche Guyon, Vexin.

It’s been 8 years since I got involved, without presupposing for a single moment what it was going to induce, in this daily act of poetic resistance. It was then an infinitesimal way of responding through the interstitial, through the sensitive to an act of unbearable violence. The question I asked myself then in the face of my amazement and my feeling of helplessness was: “What can be done when it seems that nothing can be done on the scale of a single body, of ‘only one life… ? “.

I would never, but never, have imagined the rest: my spontaneous commitment at the time was going to mobilize my forces, not only for a few days or weeks as I thought then, but to invest every day of my life for 8 years now. Eventually, the reasons to resist then, infinitesimally (molecular on a collective scale, but radical in terms of what it entails on a personal scale) never ceased to require me. We have gone from a state of emergency to a state of emergency and the world is even crazier, as beautiful as it is unsustainable.

I will soon stop dancing in the context of the minute dance. My life is not enough. I will tell you about it soon. From the 3000 dance, I will continue to post a minute every day, but it will no longer be me who dances. I am preparing a joyful prom card for you which, I hope, will touch your hearts.

My daily commitment to support the issues that underpin “One Minute a Day” will continue to beat the drum of our intertwined beauties.

Music: Eight Years Rebound, Thornato.

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