A daily performance project by Nadia Vadori-Gauthier

Dance 726 - 8 January 2017

1:10 p.m., Croulebarbe street, Paris 13th. There are days, when the minute of dance creates unlikely synchronicities, and I love that. Today, as often, I didn’t know at all where I would be dancing. As I was in the 13th district, searching on the internet for unknown places around. I came upon Albert Tower, the first parisien skyscraper, built by Edouard Albert, Robert Boileau, Jacques Henri-Labourdette and Jean-Louis Sarf between 1958 et 1960, listed by the French Historic Monument Society since 1994. It can be read : « On the 6th floor there is a 600 m2 terrace, which ceiling has bien painted byJacques Lagrange, Jacques Tati ’s film set designer. I decided to go there. Down the building, a code is needed to access. I wait, letting a few people pass , going in and out. I say to myself : « Let’s ask the first kind looking person walking by ». A woman comes out with a shopping trolley. I tell her I’m an artist and that I would like to have a look at the 6th floor terrace, if possible. She answers : « OK, but come with me, i’m going to the market, my oven is turned on, I don’t want to be delayed ». On the way, she tells me that this terrace is at the exact same height that Place d’Italie, and that originally there was supposed to be a gateway between the building and the square. She says that many wonderful people live in the tower, artists, architects, people that dared settling in in the sixties. She asks me what I do, I say I dance. She tells me that for many years they had a little figurine of a Balinese dancer, on which there was a post-it with a quote by Nahman de Bratslav: « Each day, one should dance, if only in thought ». I laugh and tell her the Nietzche’s quote that comes with all my dances : « And lost be the day to us in which a measure hath not been danced. » I tell her that is what I would like to do, dance on the 6th floor terrace today. She answers me : « If this is the point, my son plays cello, I think he would be pleased to play for you ». Great ! Being very vegetarian, here I am with her (Rozenn) at the marketplace, buying rosbeef. 🙂 So this is how I find myself 10 minutes later, on this terrace for which you need a special key to access (that only a few lodgers possess) with Melchior accompanying me on the cello, playing The Swan by Saint-Saëns. What more could you ask for ?

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