A daily performance project by Nadia Vadori-Gauthier

Dance 2586 - 11 February 2022

9:50 a:m. , Paris 7e. We are living in a time of massive extermination of living species. It’s almost impossible to think. But it is real. As for the incorporeal species of art, of thought and their masterpieces…all will be lost. It is madness. We have so many beauties to protect and carry. We have so many living beings, humans, trees, animals to love. We have our lives to live. Our love, our poetic strength, our empathy, our differences, are what could perhaps make the difference. Everything that reduces us, that kills us, is our enemy. It is not on an individual scale that we will be able to do something. But we can invest a molecular resistance, a fleeting joy, which invests incandescent spaces between the opaque blocks of a systemic and totalitarian blindness.

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