A daily performance project by Nadia Vadori-Gauthier

Dance 1900 - 27 March 2020

4:51 p.m., Place des vins de France, Paris 12. Day 11 of confinement. On the newsstand, a poster of the city to thank the caregivers.

Today it’s dance 1900. Since the attacks of January 2015, I have been dancing every day without exception, for us, for the Earth, for our time.

Over the years, the daily minutes of dance have been woven into the fabric of the days, with those I have met (artists, friends, strangers, traders, city officials, elderly people, elected officials, students, adults in disability …). They were crossed by what we lived collectively (demonstrations, elections, attacks, climatic upheavals, strikes, fire of Notre-Dame, movements for equal rights, football world cup, floods, reception of refugees, and today the confinement of the epidemic …). I danced alone and with others, indoors or outdoors, in town or in the great outdoors, in France and abroad (Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Canada, Cuba, United States United…). I didn’t dance much at home, because it is above all about activating a relationship with the world, through dance, whatever the weather or the mood of the day. Since March 16, ‘m dancing at home . So, to continue activating the sharing and links that are at the heart of what drives me, I opened the project to everyone during these days when we have to stay at home.

Thank you for your numerous and faithful presence and for your wonderful dances.

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