A daily performance project by Nadia Vadori-Gauthier

Dance 164 - 26 June 2015

10:10 a.m., Paris 7th district. At 137, rue de l’université, there’s no time for laughing (except for the window cleaners ). As I make my step on the pavement, a woman gets out to say : « You don’t have the right to dance here ».
Me (smiling) : In the street?
Her : You’re not in the street.
Me : I’m not?
She leaves to call security. Meanwhile, a man is filming with his cellphone, telling what is going on to his interlocutor.
The security agent : Lady, please…
As I leave, the man with his phone walks to me and asks : « Do you do this on your own? Can I do it with you? I need your phone number. 🙂

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