A daily performance project by Nadia Vadori-Gauthier

Dance 1334 - 8 September 2018

2:52 p.m., Townhall Esplanade, Paris 4th. Climate world day. The crowd is gathering before marching.

If there was one only cause for marching nowadays ( and there are so many others) it would be this one. This last week, walking down the street, I  passed by two men. One was saying to the other : « Provided that the  Global Warning hypothesis would be true… » I didn’t ear the following, but I couldn’t believe my ears. I gave me a shock. The Global Warning is no hypothesis ans it’s effects are devastating. It’s only the very beginning. It is urgent that we wake up and rise together, eve for small things, day to day. This great and pacific gathering ( 50 000 people according to the organizers ) warms a little the heat.

For almost 4 years, that I’ve been dancing daily in relation to the world, I became convinced of the following : The Earth, nature are first. The only possible perspective is an ethical and solitary interconnection. I dance with water, trees, stones. It’s not just humans. It’s all the rest, all this incommensurable beauty that we massacre.

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