A daily performance project by Nadia Vadori-Gauthier

Dance 93 - 16 April 2015

6:00 p.m. Paris, 14th district. When exceptionally I ask an authorization to dance, it is almost always refused. It ’s really significant of a certain hardening state of the world where poetry seems to be able to take its place only by intrusion. On the Gaumont Alesia’s big yard, with those unbelievable iron arches, there was no one anymore. The workers were gone. I could have danced without saying anything until being interrupted. But I kindly asked for an autorization that the two civil works engineers expressly denied, their direction forbids it. Even if I didn’t dance on the site but just in front of it.”But you may dance in the street if you wish” (How kind :-)) Two young engineers barely older than my young brother (who is an engineer too). It was « no ». I found that ordinary and sad. But it’s also in these very locations where a harmless dance has no place that I have precisely to dance. It’s partly for this that I am committed. So, a little heavy hearted, I gathered my courage, just before leaving I put my camera on the floor, trying to become invisible, I danced anyway. A little dance of nothing against the generalized interdiction. a drop of water on the stone.

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