A daily performance project by Nadia Vadori-Gauthier

Dance 631 - 5 October 2016

12:07 p.m., National Archives, Pierrefitte-sur-Seine. Dancing in the reading hall.
As I was expecting to dance alone, I had the nice surprise to be warmly welcomed. A part of the National Archives team, informed of my brief passage, was standing in silence, waiting for me. The Gazes were approving, I heard nice whispered words and saw friendly greetings. Then, I understood that all those people were not waiting for documents but for my dancing. It was impressive. So of course I danced 🙂
Also the readers, gave me the most charming reception, as I was moving on their research tables. A man said to me : « would you please come back tomorrow ? »
I was expecting a studious austerity and I found softness***

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