A daily performance project by Nadia Vadori-Gauthier

Dance 399 - 16 February 2016

3:39 p.m., place Vendôme, Paris 1rst. Today, I invited the artist Anaïs Lelièvre and her living sculpture CLOC (embodied by the dancer Mairi Pardalaki), to join my daily dance.Two managers of the construction site, a workman, a mosaïst, an elegant woman wearing a fur coat, stop by to watch the performance. they’ re delighted and are composing a joyful gathering :
The yard manager : « It was amazing, thank s a lot, you made our day ».
The mosaïst : « It was excellent, I cried with great ! It’s really nice, I had a good moment. (They are still laughing). Would you dance in one of my works of art ? »
The lady with a fur coat : I was passing by and I imagined a whole story. I thought the other people were here for assistance. it’s huge ! Thank you ».

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