A daily performance project by Nadia Vadori-Gauthier

Dance 369 - 17 January 2016

12:04 p.m, Daguerre St., Paris 14th.
As I was walking, searching a occasion to dance, I was explaining to a friend that I was looking (as a fervent Deleuze reader) for an « agency », that means a multiplicity of connexions between heterogeneous factors : a place, a color, a moment, a state of body and mind, a rhythm, a voice, the color of my sweater, the wind… Then, I will dance this agency, to engage in a common becoming of the different components, that imply : body, mind, matter, weather, unconscious layers, inner-outer interweavings, etc.
As I speak, I am caught by a mix : « pavement-ladder-beat of the steps- blue baubles- yellow door- pink sweater- stripes on the window ». I slide into it for a dance, becoming-ladder of the body, becoming dancing body of the ladder.
A young man (Yannick) passes by and stops for a while. Eventually, he tells me about the agency that got him here :
– « Last week, a friend sent me the video that explains what you do, with Nietzsche’s quote you mention. Later, a girl in a train spoke to me about Isadora Duncan. Then, I really felt like dancing. This morning, I went for a dance class, but I couldn’t find the place. So, I started walking (like Nietzsche, I say 🙂 ), then I got here by chance, as you were dancing your daily minute. We do need that. »
Yannick, thanks for passing by. I hope that your steps will bring you to many dances to come

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