A daily performance project by Nadia Vadori-Gauthier

Dance 2700 - 5 June 2022

3:44 p.m., rue de Seine, Paris 6th.

Today is the 2700th. It’s been 7 and a half years. I never missed a day… I would like to do something a bit special, but I’m K.O, a little stunned by months of intense activity and the harshness of the news. I leave a message for two dancer friends, but they are not in Paris. So I leave alone in search of a frame around 2:30 p.m. I put on my favorite dress to give myself courage and honor the occasion. An hour later, I find a painted palisade, which my friend Isabelle had pointed out to me. There is a lot of passing. I take two takes, leaving my camera unattended in the middle of the street (where few cars pass) and my bag at the edge of the sidewalk… In the first, the frame is partly blocked by a car, the image is wobbly. Passers-by don’t see the camera, they constantly pass through the frame, which is perfect. It’s funny, even though I’m used to it, to see that most people totally ignore me by passing 20 cm from me, despite the dance movements I direct at them.

In the second, the one I finally chose, the car that was there before no longer hides my camera. So people, thinking they would get in the way of me, make a detour so as not to be in the field. There are people out there. An elegant gentleman of a certain age remains throughout. At the end, when I come back to my camera, he exclaims: “That’s good! »

I laugh and thank him.

He says to me, “What matters is doing it!” »

I’m amazed at his insight and laugh again. I answer :

– Yes, it’s true. It is not at all the same to do it and not to do it.

– It is important.

– … I do this every day … it’s eighth grade.

– Oh good ?

– Yes, to bring art, dance, into the interstices of everyday life, into the interstices of the city.

– Oh…. art is a big question. There is a lot to say.

I laugh again. He wishes me the best for the future and tells me that it is important to have taken care of the garment.

Decidedly, this gentleman amazes me.

When I get home, it’s 5 p.m.

I know I have two more hours of posting. It will be 4.5 hours between the entry point and the exit point. It’s like that. The « minute » demands that. It is the 2700th day. The world has changed since I started. That the way it is, it changes and so do we…

I wish you a beautiful Sunday evening.

Street art : Pablo Cots

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