A daily performance project by Nadia Vadori-Gauthier

Dance 2288 - 19 April 2021

2:57 p.m., Gare au Théâtre, Vitry-sur-Seine. Arriving this morning at Gare au Théâtre for a dance training course in which I am participating, I am surprised to see on the wall of the bar, one of my mantras, a phrase that I have tirelessly repeated for almost twenty years to generations. students in dance and drama. I keep telling them: If I have only one thing to teach you, the most important (and this is not a joke) is: “The only way to do it is to do it. “. Good or bad it doesn’t matter, but to do it. I invite them to dare, to do, and to present to me unfinished or even uncertain forms. Secondly, we see what we can work on or improve. This sentence, written in neon letters on the wall, I must have told more than two thousand young artists over time. This is one of the heart of my pedagogy. I would be curious as to what happy path it got here. Maybe it’s just coincidence.

Then I discover than it is also a quote by Merce Cunningham. Synchronicity ✨

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